EFA Position on the Proposal for a Regulation on a framework for Financial Data Access

The European Fintech Association (EFA) warmly welcomes the opportunity to share its position on the Proposal for a Regulation on a Framework for Financial Data Access (FIDA). The EFA represents a diverse group of 35+ FinTech providers ranging from payments, to lending, banking, robo-advice, investment as well as software-as-a-service for the finance sector, with a clear focus on enabling a single market for digital financial services. EFA believes that, if done right, FIDA has the potential to be a catalyst for further competition in the financial services market to the benefit of the European consumer.

Position Paper on the Revised Payment Services Directive & Regulation

The European Fintech Association welcomes recent initiatives of the EU to encourage sustainability in financial services. We believe fintech, especially the cryptoasset sector, can play an important role in driving sustainable innovation. With the right approach, the EU can empower the cryptoasset industry to drive positive change, foster sustainable practices, and contribute significantly to the green transition.