EFA Position on the Proposal for a Regulation on a framework for Financial Data Access

The European Fintech Association (EFA) warmly welcomes the opportunity to share its position on the Proposal for a Regulation on a Framework for Financial Data Access (FIDA). The EFA represents a diverse group of 35+ FinTech providers ranging from payments, to lending, banking, robo-advice, investment as well as software-as-a-service for the finance sector, with a […]

Position Paper on the Revised Payment Services Directive & Regulation

Please see the PDF version of this paper here. IntroductionThe European FinTech Association (EFA) welcomes the European Commission’s (Commission) proposals for a new Payment Services Directive (PSD3) and Regulation (PSR). PSD2 has delivered a more innovative, competitive payments landscape in Europe, allowing consumers to benefit from new products and services and more secure payments. However, […]