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As representatives of the financial services and payments sector, we would like to express our appreciation for the ongoing work on the Payment Services package (PSD3/PSR), which has the potential to greatly improve the functioning of the payments market within the EU and beyond.
On 23rd June, the European Fintech Association held an event with European policymakers on the trends shaping the future of the European FinTech ecosystem across different topics. You can watch the recording of our event here!
The European Fintech Association(EFA) announces its newly appointed Board Members who will continue raising the profile of EFA and engage proactively with European stakeholders to drive a truly digital financial services agenda.
The European Fintech Association denounces the war in Ukraine and condemns the violation of international law. We are deeply concerned by the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding and we urge all parties to work towards a peaceful resolution.
On Thursday 3 June, the European FinTech Association (EFA) held its Annual General Assembly and welcomed high-level speakers from the European institutions. Read here what was said.
The EFA has sent a joint letter, together with several other industry associations representing Payment Service Providers, to the European Data Protection Board on the planned EDPB Guidelines on the interplay between the second Payment Services Directive and the General Data Protection Regulation.
The European FinTech Association (EFA) welcomes the just-released EU Digital Finance and Retail Payments Strategies.